Monday, 28 November 2011

The Libby Long Lifetime Achievement Award

This is something I had never heard of until recently when I signed up to twitter using this nom de plume. Another user (@TheCraftyTracy) asked whether I was connected to the city of Bristol as she'd heard the name used there for an award.

This sounded interesting - I have absolutely no connection with Bristol - so I asked for some information.

"The Libby Lifetime Achievement Long Award" was awarded (ahem) by someone who was post-operative transsexual (in either 'direction') and who had engaged in sex with others in all of the four possible boy-girl modes, ie with one or more men and one or more women before transition, and then again afterwards.

I had a think about this - having found the very concept rather amusing! - and realised I could give the award to myself. Indeed I can actually tick three out of the four options with one person! I wasn't sure about whether to include 'girl mode' lesbian sex pre-op where my partner never knew, but I can still get my award anyway ;-P

Of course, it isn't an "award" I can ever tell anyone about outside this blog or on twitter!


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