Monday, 28 November 2011


I mentioned in an earlier post about the film about Gwen, and I can recall seeing quite a few other movies over the years, from I want what I want to Boys Don't Cry. Many of them (like those three) have a strong biographical element to them, though there are a few where the trans-ness history of a person is almost immaterial to the storyline.

But what these go to show it that you will find that there are as many histories about girls (and boys) like me as there are people everywhere. We aren't all the same and every life stories is different. 

Yes, there will have been similar events in our past - revelations, meetings, surprises, disappointments - just as they happen differently for each and every individual human being, so to say that something is "how it is for every xxx person" just isn't ever the case.

What I write here about my history may resonate with the life history of others who have been through a similar life process, but it isn't cause & effect.

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